Saturday, 4 August 2012

Quick update...

Hi guys.

I haven't posted in a quite a while, but I'm so grateful that I keep getting hits on the blog. Lots has happened since my last post (the semi-disastrous family holiday, graduation, Ramadan, my 21st birthday, the Olympics). But I've been ill too. I've tried blogging a few times but can't seem to get anything out. I'm still very active on Twitter though if you want to say hi there (@ComplicatedItIs). Chances are I'll blog again soon; if the past is anything to go by I'll probably have a proper post up in a few weeks now that I've blogged this!

Talk to you all soon.

Lexie x

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  1. Helloooo!
    Hope you're doing better - get well soon! =)
    And woo again for that awesome birthday present of yours =D
    Hope everything's okay!


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