Monday, 11 April 2011

Flush Away your Sorrows...

It’s the holidays. Apparently. Because Easter means revision and revision means exams and exams means mental torture followed by physical death. The type where you stop breathing. Because man, have I got shed loads to do this Easter. Observe. I must:
         Revise for my exams. 8 modules worth of exams
         Revise for my first OSCE without a reflex hammer or eye-torch thingy or willing volunteers
         Write my essay for Lit in Med
         Do my presentation for Lit in Med
         Go to my cousin’s registrar (part of the Eternal Wedding saga! Seriously, it’s been two years, just do everything already)
         Find somewhere AMAZING to take Mum on her 50th
         See my dad and his pregnant wife
         Sort out my mitigation
         Try and get the government from taxing me???
         Stop complaining.
It’s not actually that much, if you think about it. I just need to get a grip and move on. Apologises in advance for my lack of blogging over the next few months...
Quick word about photo albums – because of my mum’s upcoming birthday I found myself in the attic last week looking for photos of her in her “Glory Days” so they could be stuck up around the office at work and laughed at. I don’t get it either, I think it’s a middle-aged thing. But since then we’ve had almost every album/photo pack downstairs and looking at them gives me this horribly weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. According to my brother it’s nostalgia but I think it’s more akin to guilt. As a kid my brother had these amazing chipmunk cheeks - the kind that attracts old lady’s pinched fingers - but seeing him that young and cheeky and innocent made me all...I suppose I’m just getting old.
Last Thursday I went back to my old school for a poetry evening. It was amazing, not just because I managed to get Mum to come with me, but I got to see my old school and all my old teachers and was accosted my some Upper Sixth girls who actually remembered me. Everything really cheered me up. The main part of the night was Luke Wright, an amazing poet who was one of my tutors on an Arvon course I went on.

(I love this one!)
He didn’t remember me but my Mum thought he was handsome; it’s weird when your Mum comments on things like that. Even weirder that I’ve discussed the attractiveness related pros and cons of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors with her and my aunty... (Matt Smith in the Times last Saturday. Just saying :p )

"Life should always be better than a lemon crescent" - Matt Smith
I leave you with a Quote of the Day from my from my little brother. He manages to come out with the most worldly things despite only being 14:
“To clear the bullcrap from your mind you must first flush the toilet”.
About as clear as a Chinese proverb and yet, somehow, it makes perfect sense. So I’m off to find the flusher...handle...thing on the side of the box on the toilet that you pull...
(Copyright goes to The Times and Luke Wright - thank you!)