Monday, 13 August 2012

What A Summer...

So…yeah…lots happened. I would have blogged earlier but things have been a little emotionally fraught…anyways, in case you’re interested, here is a quick summary of everything that has happened over the past few months.

Lake District

We went on holiday. We haven’t been on a proper holiday since 2001, and that was when Dad was still here. Actually, that’s not true. We went to Wales last year. That went almost as badly (perhaps worse) than this holiday. I think the problem was that we just don’t know how to relax, and our individual ideas of what counts as relaxation/a holiday are all so different. Anyway, it could have been worse. The day we got back from the Lakes in 2001 our next door neighbour had a heart attack on his driveway and died. Nobody died this time. We almost killed each other but there were no actual deaths. So…yey?


‘Twas epic. I had such a great time. We went down to Bristol the day before and I took my family round the sights. Well, one sight. This one.

My mum and brother spent the night with me in my tiny, creaky student room. Turns out the floor is harder than concrete and every time anyone rolled over it made a noise loud enough to wake a hibernating bear. Suffice to say nobody got any sleep.

The day itself was beautiful. Nice weather, even nicer people, a lovely ceremony where we cheered the roof down. 

Afterwards I had one of the strangest conversations with my course tutors where it took two of them to tell me I was the recipient of The Medical Humanities Award. Woop :D


I fasted for less than a week before I became extremely emotionally unstable. This was the first time I had fasted whilst depressed (I had missed it last year because of resits). It probably wasn’t just due to the fasting; there was a lot of stuff going on at home around that time too. I didn’t want to not fast; even though technically I was ill it didn’t stop me from feeling like a bad Muslim and consequently extremely guilty. But at the same time I didn’t not want to fast, so cue more guilt. The decision not to fast was one of the hardest I’ve made, but it’s turned out to be the right one. I need to concentrate on my health and wellbeing, especially as I’m still on medication and suspect I need a dose change.


I turned 21 :D


I have neever felt so patriotic before. A huge cheer to Danny Boyle for a beyond amazing, there-are-no-words Opening Ceremony. Kudos to the BBC for amazing coverage, to the police and armed forces for their protection, to the Gamesmakers for, well, making the games. But a huge woop to all the Team GB athletes for all their hard work. No one can deny that they gave more than their best, and they made us proud.

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it. Watch it NOW :D

Because I haven’t been fasting I’ve been trying to get healthy. Went out on my bike every day last week and clocked up around 40 miles. Determined to lose weight before clinicals start.
So, yeah. My summer in around 700 words...Hopefully my next blog will be more interesting :P
One final thing: the Olympics over the past 2 weeks have really brought out the best of us as a nation. After the Royal wedding and the Jubilee I never thought I would be more proud to be British but this fortnight completely blew me away. I know my opinion counts for nothing but I’m so proud of how we handled ourselves as a nation, of how we cheered everyone on irrespective of nationality, even the losers, of the dignity and pride and humbleness of the athletes. As Seb Coe said, ‘When our time came, Britain, we did it right.’
Even though the Olympics are over maybe we can carry on being just as awesome.
Lexie x


  1. Oh, Sorry to hear about the holiday not going as well as it could have (though that's a common problem, we're the same in that we can never agree where to go for that reason). At least nobody died this time @_@

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATION AND THE AWESOME AWARD!!! I am weirdly proud of you for getting the award. You do artsy medics proud :D

    Gawd, you shouldn't feel bad at all for not being able to fast :| you know better than anyone that depressions as valid an illness as anything else. And ideally it's just until you're on more stabilising meds and in a better place, so hopefully very temporary!

    BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Officially a grown up :D

    And I agree that the Olympics brought out the best in everyone. Some excellent sportsmanship. And I loved that it smacked multiculturalism critics in the face. Would love to have seen Nick Griffin's face when Mo crossed that line :P

    And I admire your awesome cycling spirit! Wish I could ride a bike.. :( Nobody taught me dammit! I'd be out on my bike all the time!

    So yes. Glad you finally blogged and hope things look up soon, and that this medication situation gets sorted out!


  2. Thank you hun :D I couldn't believe they'd given me the prize, but it felt so, so good, a perfect end to an amazing year.
    Yeah, hopefully it will be temporary. I need to get my meds sorted but I'm waiting until I go back to uni.
    I feel so old :P
    I agree, it would have been amazing to see Griffin's face. But it was just as good seeing the Mail all flustered :P
    I'll teach you! Seriously. I reckon it's probably easier to learn when you're older anyway.

  3. What a summer indeed!

    Sorry to hear about your holiday not going so well, but yes, the main thing to focus on when coming out of these situations is 'nobody died'. Family holidays are always erh...interesting. I reckon the extended version of the phrase is 'friends are the family you choose (to go on holiday with).'

    WELL DONE ON THE AWARD :D!!!! That's amazing! Such a fantastic end to the year !! Also, after seeing that photo of the bridge, I have decided I need to go to Bristol.

    I really admire people who follow their culture/faith, but I think it's even more admirable when you are able to acknowledge that keeping yourself healthy is more of a priority. Do not feel guilty for that, cause it's not just for your own benefit, it's for anyone who's in your life too! Good luck with sorting out the medication :).

    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and celebrated and got lots of presents and ate lots of cake :D!!

    I can only echo your wee tribute to the Olympics. When you think of where we were last summer with the riots and everything it's been so wonderful to see us coming together as a nation and being such a welcoming and humble host. When I read that Seb Coe quote I got all teary-eyed again! I wonder if they'll release a DVD of the opening ceremony... Also, I hadn't seen that Queen video before, that was great!

    Yayyy for cycling :D! My friends and I were planning on taking it up but my friend's new-but-second-hand bike had faulty breaks. Which she discovered as she was hurtling down a Very Steep Hill that led onto a main road @_@. I feel unaccountably sad that Humaira never learned how to cycle :(! We must teach her!

    Great post :)!

  4. I love that phrase :) I've always heard 'friends are the family you chose for yourself'. But yes lol, nobody died :P

    Thank you :DD And yes, go to Bristol. It's amazing. And lovely. And wonderful. I want to live there

    Thank you :D

    I saw your post but never really got round to reading it properly :S But yes, AMAZING. They are releasing a DVD I will be buying it also :DD

    Eeeeek, hope your friend's ok! We really should teach Hummus to ride. Something everything should be taught.



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