Monday, 23 August 2010

Resits and stuff...

I passed my driving test!!!! With only one minor! Made me very happy, I have to say, especially since the examiner was telling me off for being too cautious. We did have a nice conversation though about the deminse of politeness and decency and how hospitals should bring back matrons. I agree, by the way, about the matron thing. Would help with the superbug problem if there was someone in charge of the ward in that way. A Madam Pomfrey kind of figure, or someone from an Enid Blyton boarding school book.

I also got a new camera. It's a Fujifilm JX530 and is very nice. Black, sleek, thin enough to fit into my pocket, takes photos nice and quick unlike my last camera which would jutter, sigh, then pull itself together whilst moaning about it's arthritic knees before clicking. I'm going to do the 365 day challenge. You take a photo every day to sum it up. Or I will do, if I can decide on a photo for today. I'll try to post some up here. The one's that are as unpersonal as possible.

So it's resit week this week. At least, it is at Birmingham. There are quite a few medics with resits, about 10% somebody said. Good luck to everyone who has resits. One of my best friends has quite a few, so she's been pretty much non-existant during the summer because she's been revising so much. If I had gotten resits I would have taken it as a sign that I wasn't meant to do medicine and dropped out, because there honestly wasn't any more revision I could have done. Well, there was, but I wouldn't have slept. I'm sure that says something about my revision strategy.

I'm sure that paragraph was going to go somewhere better.......ummm.......

Update on the house: we're now sorting out TV and broadband. Turns out we're going to pay more for high speed broadband than it would have cost for the joint broadband, TV and phone package. That having been decided, quite undemocratically I have to add, we're now buying a freeview box and arguing over whether or not you need an ariel or a dish.

Just finished reading Neil Gaiman's Nevewhere. He now holds the position of "Favourite Author" alongside Steven Moffat who it "Favourite Screenwrite". Amazing book, by the way. He writes fantasy without creating whole new worlds (like Terry Pratchett, who I still like). Instead he takes the real world and alters it and adds to it to make it fantastical. Sigh, I wish I could write like that. At the moment I'm toying with shifting dimensions that slip in and out of focus like 3D pictures. And I had a great idea about dreamwalking but Inception came along and stole the patent rights to that novel. Oh well. Let's just see how it goes.



  1. Inception deservedly so stole those ideas from you =P Then again, Nolan started writing that 10 years ago! (I know, what on earth kept him so busy...)
    Well done on passing the driving test! And with one minor? Crikey. I passed on my Xth attempt as well =D
    Damn! I was going to take a photo every day to make my blog colourful! However, I'm still trying to find a decent camera to buy. This process started a few months back. Too picky.
    Cool camera!

  2. Inception was certainly worth waiting for, if only to see that guy from 3rd Rock from the Sun all grown up!
    The camera's good, got good reviews too. The problem is trying to find photos to take!


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