Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hi Everyone...

Hi everyone!!! Welcome to “It’s Complicated”!

Last year I started my medical degree at the University of Birmingham and decided to blog about my experiences. I had loads of fun writing the blog but at the end of the year decided I needed to make some changes in order to make it better. And, because I like to do things the long, complicated way, I didn’t just change the title of the old blog, I made a brand new one. Voila.

It’s Complicated is my attempt to make sense and write about my complicated world. Things aren’t just straightforward with me. During fresher’s last year I realised that when people would ask me questions, especially about my family, I would reply by saying “it’s complicated” (where the blog title comes from). It’s not actually that complicated but compared to some, and especially when you start trying to explain things to total strangers, it can seem that way.

So, the succinct version. I’m a second year medic (or at least, soon to b
e) at Birmingham Uni who hates science with a passion. Especially physiology. I don’t mind the clinical stuff, I love doing the practical stuff but, although I find it kinda interesting, I can’t stand pure science. I did medicine for the people. But when you’re in the pre-clinical years the people seem a long way off and you spend most of your time learning pathways and molecule names and the answers to every single “why” question you can think of. I don’t ask why. I just accept.

But I love English. Favourite subject at A-level: English Lit. Favourite hobby: Reading. I write. Or at least I did write until my creative spark decided to evade me during this stupidly long summer. If you could do joint honours in English and Medicine I would. So I spend most of my time wishing I was in English lectures and trying to find a way to balance both halves of my life.
Not your typical medical student.

Then there’s the family. My parents are divorced. My dad got remarried without telling me. I have a love-hate relationship with my younger brother. I didn’t really deal with everything that well the first time round and I’m now having lots of déjà vu moments/episodes.

It’s not all that bad. At times I love my life. And then, like most people, there are times when I hate it. It’s Complicated is so I can have somewhere to write about it – medicine, English, the family. Kind of like a journal, but people read it (and hopefully comment on it). There will be posts about medicine and the medical degree here. There will hopefully be bits and bobs about books I’ve read. There will be rants about the family. And, if I get any followers, there will be a Twitter page too. Sound like something you’d like reading? Follow me. Tell your friends. See if you can work out who I am.

And thank you, for reading this far at least.

I’ll blog again next week, probably something about moving out of halls and into a house, or something about resists (which start soon).

Until then, toodles :D


  1. Very much looking forward to how things change on this particular blog!
    And you...kinda revealed yourself. A name? Or is that too much? =P
    I saw your Twitter feed a week or so ago by the way, so at least someone was reading it. I can't follow-follow it as I am not a Twitter user.
    But still! Hello again!

  2. Thanks Emad :D
    Umm, quick question. How did you find the blog? Cause I didn't post the link on the last feed of my old blog (by accident) and if you had read that post you would have known I was going to tell you what uni I was going to. Doesn't matter either way, just glad you're gonna keep reading.
    And no, no name. Not yet anyhow :)

  3. I have my ways in finding things. I'm actually the singing detective. Join me in my quests?
    In truth I guessed it was Birmingham as well but I guess that doesn't matter anymore >_<
    So the only thing we know about your name (FOR NOW) is that it begins with an A?

  4. What are you doing? Hacking my computer? Did you install spyware on your blog or something? If I join you do I get to know your secrets or will you have to kill me first? :D
    Out of interest, why did you guess Birmingham. And, btw, good guess. Well done :D I'm sending you a virtual gold medal

  5. You don't need to know my methods for now. If you join, you will begin going down a path full of facts and truths... =P
    I don't really know why..hmm. But I did genuinely suspect it was Birmingham =) Are you from Birmingham as well or do you live elsewhere? Surely you can inform us readers of this. (Just inform me then!)
    Yos, gold!

  6. I don't live in Birmingham, I from up North :D That's as much as you're going to get :)


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