Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I got burgled and I need your help...

It doesn't make any sense. That's why I'm going to tell you exactly what happened in the hope that someone can do a Miss Marple and figure it out. I've tried. I've even gone round tapping on the walls to see if there was some way next door could be breaking in. I think I'm actually loosing it. I feel so sick.

At about 2:15 my housemate (J) and I left the house to go to the cinema to see X-Men: First Class (which was amazing but completely overshadowed now by subsequent events). The taxi was waiting outside. J put the alarm on. I saw her do it and heard it count down. I locked the door.

As we were going to the taxi the postman walked up and gave J two parcels, both of them DVDs for me ("Tangled" and "Eat, Pray, Love"). She posted them through the letterbox. I saw her do it.

When we got home at 6ish the parcels were gone.

Two of my housemates have gone home. One other one is still here. She was out when we left. She (P) got back to the house at 4ish. She said that the alarm was off and the parcels weren't there.

There was no sign of forced entry. All the windows/doors were secured. All the bedroom doors were still locked. Nothing else had been taken.

It doesn't make sense. No one has the house key. No one knows the alarm code. The landlord hadn't been by. The other two housemates hadn't been by. I went next door (both sides) and no one had seen anything. The creepy builder who was watching us when we came back and tried to see if you could fit your hand through the letterbox (you can't) claims he didn't see anything. And even if they did put their hand through the letterbox it doesn't explain why the alarm wasn't on.

Why did they take my DVDs??? Why didn't they take the TV, or the DVD player????

All year things have been going missing. Little stupid things. Like a bottle of olive oil. Some frozen fish. A chocolate bar out of a money box, but not the money. 80p from the dining room table. My USB stick went missing. I thought I had left it in the computer at uni but now I'm doubting it. We thought it was someone in the house. Now I really, really don't know. And why would you take stupid little things? It's like stealing for the sake of stealing.

Oh Gosh, I hope they don't put your full card details on Amazon invoices...

Does anyone have any thoughts or theories??????



  1. Forget Miss Marple, you need Jonathan Creek! This is seriously bizarre. I remember there was a cupboard thief in primary school who was never caught, and even when cupboard monitors were appointed (of which I was one and DID NOT steal) the thiefing bastard still struck. And even now random things go missing forever without any explanation, like socks. But two brand new DVDs? (Good choice on Tangled btw!) And the alarm... The only thing I can think of is maybe that your roommate is a very, very convincing liar? Or a closeted kleptomaniac?

  2. Maybe. I just don't want to believe she would do it...oh well, I'm going to buy the DVDs when I go into town later :) Can't change it now. Thanks though :)

  3. Well I shall first offer correct opinions on Tangled and Eat Pray Love: EWW! =P
    But I agree with Rosie - you may not like it but it sounds as if it could be a someone living there and is very good at hiding it...! (After all, the things you've listed they DIDN'T take which were much more valuable - doesn't make sense really.)
    Hire Jason Schwartzman as a detective on craigslist is my advice.
    Look into it!

  4. They're not Ewww. Or at least, I hope they're not. Just bought them from HMV for almost double what it cost me on Amazon!!!!
    Yeah, you're probably right. I didn't report it to the police in the end - dad's gonna kill me.
    Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe I will...


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