Thursday, 17 November 2011

That's not everything I am...

I love this song at the moment, and the message it's trying to get across. And the fact that Gary looks so emotional and has to stop singing. And I love the video, cause I have this fantasy about dancing with him, whoever he is, although I strongly suspect...never mind. And I know what it's trying to say is true, and I get that, I'm just flitting between believing it and not lately. Wow, I'm really not articulate today..


  1. I kind of love you for posting this song. It's been following me the past couple weeks, and I finally paid attention to it, and the lyrics. I love when a song just encapsulates exactly what you're feeling so you don't have to talk about it anymore. Totally put a smile on my face :). Am I crazy to say it makes you feel less alone? Now, who exactly do you suspect the dancer in the video is? Also, being articulate is overrated.

    Thanks for posting this :).

    P.S., the medication is called Keppra ;).

  2. :) By him I didn't mean a dancer from the vid, I meant the him from my future, whoever he is, that perfect guy who, lets face it, I'm never going to get :P See, so unarticulate lol. I know what you mean though, it makes me feel less alone too.

  3. I understand the snap crackle pop now lol.

  4. OH DUH ME, I'm so thick sometimes, honestly. RIGHT, the guy of your dreams, I'm with ya now. I'm probably not the best person to talk to about this since that area of my life is currently a royal mess, but you are a great, kind, interesting person Lexie, and there's no reason why you shouldn't get him. These things have a funny way of happening when you least expect them to :). And I truuuuuly believe it'll happen for you :).


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