Sunday, 13 November 2011

An Insomnia Post...

I'm blaming the insomnia on my inadvertent discontinuation-ing of my Fluoxetine. I went down to one capsule a day as suggested by the doctor, and although I wanted to be off them by New Year I hadn't made any concrete plans. Then I forgot to take one, then took one, then forgot, and so now I'm on one every other day. I'm also using this as the excuse for my horrible bad moods, general laziness and grumpiness. In all honesty I have not been happy with myself this week. If I could clone myself I would do so, purely so I could slap myself and tell me off for being such a bitch. Not to other people, although I pity my Mum.

I could go on to tell you about the ins and outs of my emotions but honestly, I'd rather not. So instead I will leave you with the music I have been rediscovering recently. I love it when you half remember a song, or a lyric, so you type it into Google and realise you used to listen to this on the bus on the way to school four or five years ago. It's a real warm moment, that never fails to make me smile. The best one was when I clicked on a video in the side bar on YouTube, listened to the introduction, paused it because it reminded me of a song from a few years ago which I then sang to myself, re-started the video and realised it was the same song.

Enjoy :)

David Powter - Bad Day (This is the one from the little story :D )


  1. Good call on the Nickelback, haha :)

  2. Loving the tracks! x Yeh music and perfume do that 2 me. Tomorrows a new day...x

  3. @s,a, I do like that Nickelback track :)

    @Aunty Em, Hi :) Thanks for reading! I love how smells can bring back memories so clearly, although I always get a bit frustrated when I can't quite place the smell in the memory, if that makes sense! x

  4. This is Emad, and I approve of every song listed here.
    BOOM! =D

  5. Musical Approval from Emad = VERY HAPPY LEXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  6. Strangely, I've been a tad lax with my medication as well recently! Only difference is, mine is to prevent my brain from going snap-crackle-pop when I'm like, crossing the road or something, and yours is to keep bad stuff outta your mind, so I think it's best for you to stick to it. But I'm so proud that you are determined to be off them by New Year & that you're making great headway on that! Your bad moods etc might just be your body adjusting to the lack of drug. I doubt it's like a recrudescence :).

    Also-also, I've been rediscovering old music this past week or so as well! Your wee playlist totally took me back in time :). Good call on the Nickelback song :D, and Wherever You Will Go reminds me of sitting around my friend's bedroom with the Love Actually soundtrack playing over and over again... Ahh, good times :').

    Hope you stick to your goal Lexie :D!

  7. @Rosie :) The medic in me really wants to know what meds you're on but it's cool if you don't want to say. I love that it stops snap, crackle and pop from climbing out of the cereal box though :) Mine don't really do that...they just kinda...tbh I'm not really sure what they do. All I know is that...yeah...head's not working atm



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