Monday, 17 January 2011

A Dark Chocolate Digestive Interlude...

It’s almost over!!! This time tomorrow I will be exam free :) . And I’ve decided that instead of revising I’m going to spend tonight eating dark chocolate digestives (McVities are so much nicer than the ones I got from Aldi!) and watching iPlayer. Probably Patrick Stewart in Macbeth – I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages!!!!
Anyways, I’m back in Birmingham. We came down on Saturday amidst torrential rain in my part of the country. Then the car wouldn’t start. Then we started driving down the sliproad which was all cordoned off for “work access only”. Fortunately it was nice and clear in the Midlands, which, according to my Mum, meant that Birmingham was welcoming me home. Bless, she was trying to make me feel better because I really didn’t want to come back to uni. I wish I could just stay at home where I feel all safe but you can’t live your life packaged in cotton wool. I really should listen to my own advice!
My not-so-little brother came down with us. He’s 13 now and has shot up so much in the past few months. When I look at him I don’t have to look down anymore J He’s looking forward to the time when I can’t call him my “little brother” anymore so I’m saying it as much as I can now, just to wind him up. And the best part of the day – when he told me he didn’t want to leave me in Birmingham. Those little snippets of affection on his part are few and far between now that he’s a teenager. At least he hasn’t stopped me from hugging him yet.
I’m going to stop now because I haven’t really got anything else to say. The holidays were full of revision. End of. Although I did get a BlackBerry so I can tweet/blog on the go as soon as they update my contract! I’ll blog again soon though. What with the exams tomorrow and starting lessons again on Wednesday I’m sure I’ll have something more interesting to tell you. Especially since we’re doing “Brain and Behaviour”, “Cancer”, “Reproduction, Endocrinology and Development” and “Decision Making” for our modules this term. Fun, fun, fun.
Toodles :D


  1. I watched Macbeth during the week! :D It's the best interpretation of the witches I've seen- they're actually demonic, I was genuinely scared, lol @_@
    Dark chocolate digestives are awesome :D Currently working my way through the milk chocolate ones though, because you just can't beat them!
    Know what you mean about not wanting to come back :/ At least your exams are nearly over though! I like how you're prematurely relaxing, haha, hope it was a nice evening for you :P My exams haven't started yet, so that'll be me next Wednesday hopefully.
    Brothers growing up is just not good, especially when they get taller than you ¬_¬ lol
    Good luck with the last exam then!

  2. I never did watch Macbeth - hopefully tonight!
    Yours will be over soon, don't worry :) Best of luck for them. Make sure you don't do any work next Wednesday night,you deserve a break :)

  3. I dislike you for being exam-free! (Yes, let's make it sound like a health condition etc.)
    I can't wait to write a play that'll be better than Macbeth - which will be soon! Pfft.
    Also: you have a BlackBerry?! EWW. ...Ewww!!
    Buy anything else. And I shall pay you that amount. Seriously.

  4. You'll be exam free soon Emad :) Just give it a little bit longer and the symptoms and preceipitating factors will disappear. You have to give it time - these things aren't cured overnight :P
    Lay off Shakespeare - he's amazing :D
    What's wrong with Blackberrys? Its amazing. It as solitaire on it. It was either that or a nokia - im sure you'd pick the blackberry too :D


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