Monday, 20 December 2010

Previously in my life...

Hi :D
Sorry it’s been over a month since my last post. I could blame it on the work, and my health, and the weather but then this would turn into a bit of a rant. Instead it’s going to be a bit of a list instead as I update you on what’s been going on. As Miranda Hart says (in my new favourite TV show) “Previously in my life”:
The Snow
It snowed. A lot. And it ruined everything. Normally snow fills me with joy and delight. I revert back to a childish innocence the moment the weather man mentions it. This time it just filled me with dread. It was so cold in our house that we could see our breath. I may not have qualified as a doctor yet but I know that it’s too cold when it’s that cold. Obviously this led to loads of arguments and fights but I think (she prays) that we’ve finally got the heating situation sorted, so fingers crossed for next term.
You know on the TV when they keep talking about how all the old people need Winter Fuel Allowance (the first time I heard that I thought they were talking about money for petrol :P )? Well what about the students? We can’t afford gas either!
Then the snow disappeared (oh blessed days). Then it came back. And it chose the weekend when most students were trying to get home and most families were trying to get abroad. My mum couldn’t come and get me like she normally does so I had to leave loads of stuff in Birmingham and get the train home. Guess how long it took:
SEVEN HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For an in depth narrative concerning my journey home see my twitter feed ( I don’t have the energy to write it all out again.
But, on the plus side, I am now home. Safe and in one piece. And I don’t have to worry about heating, or bills or food. Just about revision, but we’ll save that for next time.
As a subtitle it looks a little ominous but it isn’t what it seems :D.  I didn’t fall, I didn’t have to go to A&E and I still have all my limbs. It was much more exciting than that.
I took blood! From a real live person! For the first time!
And she didn’t scream, or shout. And I didn’t shake. The needle went in fine. The hard bit was getting the bottle on but I did it and blood came out and it went great. There’s something about taking blood that makes you feel like a proper medical student. It was amazing.
My partner (ok, we didn’t take it from a patient but at least she was a real person, as opposed to the blue empty tubes running through latex like last time) then took it off me. And it went fine, although the vein blew a little and so blood spurted out a bit. It’s never, ever done that before, and I’ve had loads of blood tests. But it didn’t hurt. And then she took the needle out without having the cotton wool ready so I bled a little bit more. But it definitely hasn’t made my list of Top Ten Worst Blood Taking Experiences (Number 1 – The nurse missed the vein, scrambled around in my arm for a bit, took the needle out and stuck it in the other arm, missed the vein, scrambled around for a bit, took the needle out and put it back in the first arm and, somehow, managed to find the vein. It hurt. A lot. I distinctly remember screaming. Number 2 – The Occupational Health Nurse went straight through the vein. I then went to the GP and was waiting for another blood test and thought my arm felt a bit wet. Looked down and there was blood all over my white jumper. Fun)
Lots of them. Too many of them. We had one on the last day, which isn’t fair at all.
How did they go, you ask? Not well, but we’ll just have to wait and see.
Yes, Bristol. I’ve found another intercalation course that I really, really want to do but it’s in Bristol. And I’ve already signed on the Birmingham house for next year. But I really want to do it. It’s called “Medical Humanities” and it’s basically English Lit, History and Philosophy for a whole year. It would be my chance to get the English degree I’ve always wanted. So far I’ve decided I’m going to apply. I could probably commute down to Bristol every day...

I think that’s it. Nothing else of any importance. Just lots of iPlayer watching (Miranda!!!) and doctor’s appointments (but we’ve got that sorted and things are looking up) and the slight issue with my fluctuating appetite but again, on the mend. At least it’s the holidays, and that means Christmas TV, which means DOCTOR WHO!!! Yes, I’m sad, get over it :D
So until my next post, which will not be in a month, all I can say is have a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year/Holiday period. For all you with exams don’t work too hard, remember to enjoy yourselves a bit too.
See you soon
Toodles :D


  1. Wow...
    Just...yeah, quite the trip home. I thought my trip a few weeks back on the the train from the usual 2 hours to 4 hours was a piss-take but seven? Hard to comprehend really.
    And well done for hating snow also!
    Remember to watch Home Alone =P

  2. It was definately an adventure! I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was lugging around all my bags :D


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