Monday, 1 November 2010

Rambling thoughts and Leicester?

So I haven't blogged in a while. That was bad of me. Sorry. And I'm not sure if this post classes as a blog - it's more a collection of rambling thoughts.

It's SSA (Student Selected Activity) week this week. Thank goodness. Any more of the days I've been having and I would have fainted. At least I made it through to Friday night before crashing! Now I have a week to catch up on sleep, catch up on revision notes and to do my project. Also to write my novel, but more of that in a sec.

Speaking of Friday night - Stranger's Tour. Fantastic. Made me cry a little though, felt guilty for being an "inshallah Muslim" but it also made me smile, and laugh. There was that sense of not belonging again, although I'm getting used to it now.

I still haven't blogged about Feel Bright. I'm not going to promise you a post in the next week because chances are I won't follow through. But I will try.

This weekend I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. And it was bliss.

National Novel Writing Month started today. 50,000 words in 30 days? Sounds scary and it probably won't happen. Current word count: 535. I am going to try and write some more before bed though.

What else has happened lately?

I've had some very mean comments, and I responded.

I've also had blog readers from Denmark, Singapore, Mexico, UAE and South Korea :D

I've been made to feel (slightly) guilty about having a reading week.

I told my housemate she didn't have a heart because she laughed at the ending of Single Father (amazing) and then felt insanely guilty about it.

I made piri piri chicken using Quorn pieces - probably the most cooking I've done in the past 6 weeks.

Six weeks!

I've thought about intercalating in Leicester.

That's right Humaira - Leicester.

Leicester offer a MA in Medical Humanities. It's an 11 month full time course - not sure how that would fit in with Birmingham but I'm sure I could make it work. Bham offer Medical Humanity intercalations but they're in things like History of Medicine (I keep thinking History of Magic) and Psychiatry. Psych actually sounds really interesting but Medical Humanities sounds better. And it's an MA.

But it's in Leicester. That's a long way from Birmingham. It would mean leaving everyone behind, paying a whole year's extra tuition and graduating with the year below. But if friends are true friends they'd stay in touch. And it sounds so good.

I've sent off for a prospectus. And I think I'll mention it to my tutor later this week.

Big decision.

I'll try to blog more coherently later on. Try to, not promise too.



  1. Have some dignity. Why are you putting all your business out there? This stupid blog is really getting on my nerves now. Can you please take it down? Get a life, find a hobby, do some revision.

  2. It's a blog, my blog, and I can write what I want. And I will continue to write what I want. You're really starting to get on my nerves too. If you don't like it then why do you even bother reading it? Or checking it. Out of both of us, you're the one who needs to get a life and stop being hateful.

  3. Hey, you clearly have a troll who's leaving comments just because you're giving him the attention of replying with first a post and then to his comments. If he posts again, just don't publish them! This will frustrate him until he eventually slopes away with his fists dragging on the ground :)

    also: COME TO LEICESTER!! YOU ARE THE OTHER HALF OF ME! @_@ Ahem. In a non creepy way :D lol
    And Quorn is a win: try the southern style burgers! :D

  4. Hi :D
    Maybe I will come to Leicester...And if I do I'll let you know who I am lol. Or I could not tell you and then try and find you but that would be really stalker-ish :)
    The sausages are awesome too :) Just don't have the lasagne - it has red wine in it. Which I discovered after I'd microwaved it :D

  5. Im really interested in medical humanties as well, but Im not sure I could manage to do the whole first year of uni again.. I think staying in Birmingham is for me! Or im just being a coward..
    Yeah im not the other anonymous, I actually enjoy these blogs and I wouldnt waste me time reading them if I didnt!

  6. Yey, it's my favourite anonymous :)
    I know, that's one of the big ones. But it is a post grad degree so it might be more...dignified...then first year. I don't know. Still waiting on my info pack though :)
    Thanks for reading :D

  7. Hi there, I'm the peaceful loving anonymous once again :) I enjoy reading this blog. It makes me feel nice. It is nice.

  8. Also thought I should point out that you're NOT a medic. You're a medical student. So stop calling yourself a medic, it's a pathetic term to use.

    Also, refrain from saying medschool - it is medical school, please.

  9. Hi peaceful Anonymous :)
    I'm glad it makes you feel like that. It makes me feel nice that it makes you feel nice.
    But to me it is the medschool. And I am a medic. Sorry if that annoys you but that's what I call myself/it. I am curious to know why you think it's a pathetic term to use though?

  10. Hi
    Well, I just really hate it when medical students who have literally just started medicine get all excited about medicine, e.g. watching silly medical dramas, referring to themselves as medics, and start flashing what they've learnt all over the place. It's just so utterly cringeworthy, especially coming from people who have just entered university.


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