Friday, 8 October 2010

Things just kept getting worse...

I know I’ve been slightly AWOL this week but it’s been so hectic and so many (bad) things have all been happening in quick succession that I either didn’t have time to post or was too depressed to write.  I seriously could have written a post a day and you wouldn’t have got bored. Or at least, I hope you wouldn’t have.

(I've just finished writing this on word and it was three pages long. I won't be offended if you don't read it. I'll put some pictures in to try and make it a little more interesting.)

First: The Illness
I used to be ill a lot. Pretty much ever since I was released from my cotton wool world into primary school. I think I spent more time off sick in Reception then I did at school. But come this summer – nada. Not even sniffle.
Until the day I moved back to Brum. Since then, major illness. Cold, turned into flu, almost fainted, got better, got very very wet (I couldn’t carry the shopping and the umbrella), got worse, got green phlegm, warning bells, got chesty cough, more warning bells, got continuous nose bleed, GO TO THE DOCTORS!!!!!, went to the doctors, got antibiotics, antibiotics made me sick, got food poisoning, had an ultimate IBS bad day, getting better.

I blame the mackerel for the food poisoning. Stupid fish. It didn’t even taste that nice. Suffice to say I threw the rest of it away.
That’s pretty much two weeks of feeling awful. It meant that the first few days at uni were hell, but more about that later.

Second: The House
I like it. I actually do. And I was worried that I wouldn’t get along with some of my housemates but it’s actually not been as bad as I thought it would be, thank goodness. There have been some minor disagreements about the heating, which has resulted in some sneaky, covert putting-the-heater-on-for-half-an-hour-without-anyone-realising missions that I’m not meant to tell people about, but apart from that. It’s been alright in my room but there have been a few nights when I’ve slept wearing three layers with a blanket and a duvet, wearing knee high Winnie-the-Pooh socks. So cool.
Then, last Saturday, it rained. A lot. And the housemate who had only moved in about an hour ago, and is staying in the attic, went into her wardrobe to find a big wet patch. We phoned the landlord and he said he couldn’t do anything until next week. Then it rained some more. I woke up on Sunday morning to see a slightly grey patch on my ceiling. I live under the attic room. And, sure enough, the roof was damp, although not dripping, thankfully! The roof is now fixed – huzzah!
And then there was the thing with the extortionately high electricity bill from over the summer. We sorted out that too – huzzah!
And then the fire alarm went off yesterday. Apparently it is possible to mess up the cooking of chicken.

Third: Medical School
I hate it. It’s stupid, I know. And I was doing so well over the summer. And it’s stupid why I hate it but I do. I hate it. A lot.
I don’t have many friends. There were people in my class last year who I got on really well with during our SGTs but outside the class, in lectures, I either sat by myself or with the two girls from my high school, both of whom managed to make friends of their own. I pretty much spent all of my time with one of those girls, who I was best friends with at school. But this year she’s resitting.
Cue Monday.
9:00 – Sat with remaining old school friend and her friends. Old friend from class came and sat next to me. She’s a little weird. Didn’t really talk to anyone for the ensuing three hours.
12:00 – Met my class for the first time. Kind of know some of them, but not really. They all seem to know each other though. Try to make an effort but feel really, really stupid and very isolated.
Lunch – sat with one girl from the class and her friends. Didn’t really get spoken to.
Afternoon – sat by myself in lectures. People I don’t know came and sat next to me. No one spoke to me.
I came home and ate massive amounts of junk food.
I know I shouldn’t be getting upset about not having any friends. That’s a problem you have at high school. Mum keeps saying to try and make new friends but everyone’s already in groups and they don’t want me butting in. Trust me, I’ve been in a group when we’ve had butter-inners. They are hated.
It got slightly better as the week went on but not much. Tuesday I got food poisoning. Cue more sadness. Wednesday was the best – I went to the ISOC Meet and Greet and was getting along with people, so hopefully that should lead somewhere. I think I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I am to remain friendless for the next four years. I can do my foundation years back at home.

Well done if you’ve read this far. Almost done. Promise.

Fourth: The Kids/Stupid Prank Phone Calls
I went in to the medical school last Tuesday, after almost fainting, and met two of my medic kids (one got lost). They were both really nice. I did the tour, gave them my number, and told them to text me if they have any problems.
Now one of them won’t stop texting me. And it was all at stupid times as well.
8:30 on Sunday morning.
6:45 on Monday morning.
12:11 on Tuesday morning.
I was asleep for all of them. None of them were emergencies. They were all trivial things that could have waited till a more sociable hour. I tried not to get too worked up, but I did. I was ill. I needed my sleep. I text her Tuesday night saying, “I’m ill and going to bed. Please don’t text until 9am”. She didn’t reply. That was the other annoying thing. I’d reply to her ridicously early texts (yes, I know I could have turned my phone off but it needs to be on for an actual emergency) and wouldn’t hear from her for about four hours. And she was messing me around, asking to borrow a text book but not buy it, then she didn’t want the text book, then she did, then she didn’t.
 It didn’t help that I was being prank called – somehow someone had got hold of my mobile number. They rang really early one morning last week pretending to be a little kid. It freaked me out. I have since learnt to ignore any calls from their number (they don’t even block it!). Although I didn’t get a call from another unknown number yesterday, which I missed, so it looks like they could be starting again.
I’ve since talked to my kid and explained (really nicely) that I love how she feels she can text me with her problems but can she wait until a more reasonable hour next time? She told me she never looks at the time. Figures.

Rant over.
Hopefully next week will be better. It should be. I just need to not get so upset when I sit by myself in lectures, and try to ignore the fact that one of my classmates was looking at me strangely today. Little bit of TLC this weekend, some crumpets, the Saturday Times crossword and some films and hopefully I’ll be in a better state of mind next week. As for the rest of it...lots of prayers I think. Maybe I can get a class transferral...
Thanks for reading this epic post. :D

Currently readying: Clinically Orientated Anatomy. Again. Stupid big book.
Quotes of the week (both from my renal prof): “You can use the dye ‘Evan’s Blue’. Now I know it sounds like a porn shop in Swansea”
“I’m now going to draw a joint. I know you expect me to draw a guy with a spiff in his mouth bit I’m sorry to disappoint you” (or something to that effect!)

(Thank you to Google Images for the pictures. Please don't sue me)


  1. Aww, dear :( All the illness is probably getting you down more than you should be about medical school. Seriously, loner-ness can be cool sometimes, lol, and in any case, they don't sound like the kinda people you want to be friends with if theyre just cold shouldering you. The Isoc thing sounds promising. Just keep infiltrating new societies :) You're sure to find someone random and friendly.
    OH! I do the layering thing at night too, lol! forgot to mention that: t shirt, hoody, thick trackies and socks. It's got to be done to prevent hypothermia.
    Haha, you have a needy kid :P that's just funny.
    So you're on the mend, right? because the illness sounds horrendous. Never nice when you're away from home and can't be fussed over either :/
    Quote from my GI lecturer yesterday:

    "Women have a longer sigmoid (?) colon than men. That's why we say women are full of shit."

    Nice guy. :)

  2. Wow.
    ...Serious wow.
    Though I'm with you on the solo lectures. Can be convenient at times but others...yeah, not cool.
    "Benefit" of reading a joint honours course - being friendless for the next 3 years. Oh how I look forward to it...

  3. I'm feeling better Humaira, thanks. It doesn't sound like I'm about to cough my lungs up anymore, so that's a good thing.
    I hope it was just the illness talking. Certainly didn't help that Mum wasn't here to talk sense into me and feed me! She also finds it funny that I have a needy kid - apparantly "I understand what she goes through every day" now lol!

    Don't worry Emad, it's not just you who is friendless :) Maybe there'll be some people who do the same joint honours as you??...

    Thanks though guys :D

  4. Yes I am the same anoymous poster who commented last year..
    I completely understand how your feeling as I was there last year.. But now I'm not, I don't know when it happened but I just realised that sitting there in silence wasn't helping. Did you talk to the people that you were having lunch with? If you didnt get spoken to does that mean you didnt speak? My advice.. If people are having a conversation the only way you can get even slightly involved is to talk yourself!
    Yes its scary and worrying, but after a while its nothing. Just give it a go for a week and see how it goes?
    And it sucks about M groups, my closest friends are together but I have been separates and in my new group none can really be botherd to talk.
    Im still no further on figuring out if I know you, but I have a few people in mind as to who you could be..

  5. Hello again Anonymous :)
    Yes I did speak. I tried really hard to speak, especially on Monday. Hopefully this week will be better but you're right - I will make more of an effort.
    Ummm, someone at Birmingham who's trying to work out who I am...better be careful lol. See you on Monday?

  6. Did it work? Maybe try joining some medsoc sports/societies? I go to a few, one doesnt help and I will probably stop that one but the others are really good.. I actually have no idea who you are but I think that you are in my side of the year (no GP today?).

  7. I wouldn't say it "worked" but this week has been better. I am going to join some new societies - I've actually got something on tomorrow!
    You're right, I am in your half of the year :)


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