Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Mystery of the Broken Flush...

This is a bit of a rant-y post so feel free not to read.

So I was going to come home from my very long day and blog about the Feel Bright campaign which is running at the medical school. I was going to tell you how brilliant and worthwhile it is and about how I had an amazing day and met loads of new people and about how things are finally starting to look up.

Then I came home, watched Waterloo Road, got very teary (because everything is making me teary at the moment) and then realised that someone had broken the flush in the downstairs toilet and hadn't bothered to phone the landlord about it. The same flush I broke this morning, got really upset about breaking, then fixed and got ridiculously excited about how I had done some plumbing and fixed the toilet. Sometime between me fixing it and 9 o'clock tonight someone else broke it to an extent that I can no longer fix it and nobody told the landlord. Now I'm peeved. And really, really upset. I don't see why I should be so concerned about fixing the plumbing just for someone else to break it and not inform anyone. And it definitely wasn’t my fault – there was still toilet roll left when I broke (and fixed) it. When I went back there was no toilet roll. Ergo, someone else broke it (the repetition is mainly to reassure myself that it isn’t my fault.)

Now I'm too annoyed and too depressed and too sad to write, because the incident with the bathroom has pushed me over the edge.

My Quote of the Day was going to be from one of our Immunology profs about Schistosomiasis, which are these small snail things that go up the waterstream and infect you (I think, I had given up any hope of following this lecture without a handout by this point):

"Then they go and have sex in your liver, which is outrageous"

At the time I thought that was hilarious and worth sharing. My apologises.

Instead my Quote of the Day comes from our Year Tutor who, when talking about helping fellow students who we think might not be coping well or have depression, said : "Start as you mean to go on". It seems more fitting here - the day started with a broken toilet and ended with a broken toilet. Just about sums up my life.

More about the Feel Bright campaign when I'm feeling more bright. Promise.


  1. No this was definitely blog material - ranting about some other tosser's doucheyness. Well done you for fixing it the first time round!
    And yes, share more on this group.

  2. Thanks Emad :D And I will - full info on the Feel Bright campaign by the end of the weekend :D

  3. Well done on fixing it the first time round! Small victories, lol, even if it did get broken again.. We had a similar victory moment in our house when the bathroom light fused, and we had to change it without the aid of a man. Feminist win :D
    Damn that person for breaking the flush ¬_¬ I understand the easy teariness though, trust me @_@ Too much work too fast! But glad things are looking up on other fronts- and yeah, I'm intrigued by the Feel Bright thing!

  4. Thanks Humaira :) And well done on fixing the lightbulb :D You've got to love the little things *waves*

  5. I missed the Feel bright campaign and couldn't find anyone that went to fill me in so an updated post at the weekend would be awesome!! Very happy to hear things have improved!

  6. Will do Anonymous, now that IIH is over!


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