Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Malfunctioning Ear Plugs and Stuff...

I shouldn't be awake now. It's too early. But the Brother and the Mother both woke me up by being insanely loud in the bathroom and, for some reason, my ear plugs have stopped working. But it's good practice for going back to uni, which I'm doing in 11 days!!!!! I think the excitement is beginning to set in, although the medical school is still being oddly quiet for an administrative department.

List of things I still need to buy:
  • a mirror
  • a bin (my landlord doesn't seem to provide anything)
  • a draft excluder
  • Redbush tea bags
  • pyjamas
  • extra socks (learning from last year - it snows way more in Brum than it does where I live)
  • food

Because of the list I need to go into town. But I can't. Because the Brother ordered a new XBox game that comes out today but won't be here until at least Wednesday and he needs me to sign for it. Do you know what this means? - he's going to be uber miserable until it comes and somehow - not sure how but just somehow - it's all going to be my fault. The joys of home life. Still, it doesn't make me want to leave, especially when he told me last week that he'll miss me. :)

Toodles :D

P.S. A very belated EID MUBARIK to everyone!!!!


  1. Ah, these kids and their games. ...DAMNIT when is my Xbox coming?!
    11 days! That is when I also leave. And my PJs will be better than yours.

  2. Eid mubarak and all that! Hope you had a lovely and boring day.
    11 days! :O I go back round that time too, though the term doesn't start til the week after. Holidays have been good but I'm guessing you're looking forward to actually using your brain again too..? I definitely am, I feel like it's turned to mush, lol.
    Though damn your organisation with that list :( I still don't know what I need.
    That's sweet of your brother! :) *Sniff*
    OH! I read the Graveyard book- tis indeed very good. Have you read Anansi Boys? I liked that too!
    *waaves* :)

  3. Thanks Humaira :D Eid was good, lots of screaming cousins and good food :D
    We start back the week after too, but I need to be at the medschool for freshers. Can't wait to use my brain again, lol, finding it hard to string a sentence together at the moment!
    I haven't read Anansi Boys yet but I read American Gods, it's about the same stuff. Neverwhere is really good...better than American Gods methinks...

    What uni are you going to Emad? And, ahem, trust me, my PJs will always be better than yours :)


  4. Thirded on the excitement of using your brain. I haven't used my brain for academia in over 6 months. Please rejuvinate my brain! =P

    Oh, so I should just reveal the university here? Lol, Newcastle. Yes. THE NORTH!
    And seriously, ask Hummus, my PJs = the world, rocked. (Kinda.)

  5. Lol Emad :) You didn't have to tell me :p


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